Dynaglass ARMbuoy (Auto Release Marker)


Dynaglass ARMbuoy is a device intended for the marking of the location for a sunken vessel in the event of any incidences.

This is to provide clear visual for the safety of other vessels navigating close to the vicinity.


The Product

Dynaglass ARMbuoy is constructed of a composite material similar to the material used by pleasure craft builders to produce their sophisticated luxury cruisers.

This material will require almost zero maintenane na drequires no attention.

The fixing of the Dynaglass ARMbuoy to a vessel is simple and takes only a few minutes to install.

Dynaglass ARMbuoy is supplied complete with stainless steel fasteners for convenient installation.

The Dynaglass ARMbuoy should be mounted directly to the vessel at a location that should cause no hindrance to the operation of vessel. One such location would be on the top of the coach roof.


Safety & Economic Consideration

As you are aware, the total cost of salvaging a vessel includes the cost to seek and locate the sunken vessel.

This cost can be eliminated by having a Dynaglass ARMbuoy fitted on board and the location of a sunken vessel will be automatically marked by the Dynaglass ARMbuoy.

The other important advantage of having a Dynaglass ARMbuoy fitted to all vessels is that it will prevent collision and further incidents by assisting Catains of other navigating vessels in avoiding the sunken vessel.

This will help to increase the safety aspect and therefore avoid costly repairs to the passing vessels.