Fully moulded in glass reinforced polyester (GRP)
or (FRP) incorporating a double-skin foam filled
construction using HLU- open moulding

The hull which is Dynaglass’ own special ‘delta-
glide’ and ‘air-lube’ design gives both a soft and

drag free ride with extremely superb directional
stability. GRP lay-up incorporates high strength
“combomat” , glass, cloth and high-density core,

longitudinal and transverse stiffening combined
with structural bulkhead giving immense
strength.Foam filled bulkhead compartments for
added safety thus making her virtually unsinkable.
Engine beds and fuel tanks are encapsulated
with glass fibre and integral with hull.
Ventilating system is incorporated and positioned
to enable air to be drawn down between the hull /
deck walls and under floor creating a silencing
effect which accounts for the very silent operation
of the craft.
Deck lay-up incorporates a combination of
coremat and marine ply parquet, reinforcing core
stiffening for high strength and rigidity. Deck has
integral non-slip surface moulded in and is
designed with an efficient self-bailing system. The
standard deck layout incorporated centre console
and large walk around space with coaming
padded sides.