Singaporean,Stephen Seow PBM., founder of Dynamics Engineering was awarded the most emblematic personality in Asia Pacific for his contribution to the composite industry for over 40 years and received the JEC Asia Life Achievement at the JEC Composites Asia 2010 Show recently held at Suntec City, Singapore from 12th, 13th to 14th October 2010.

In his ACCEPTANCE speech, Mr. Seow took a stroll down memory lane from his very first experience with the concept of “laminates” at the age of 15. He built a single-seater paper canoe comprising of a wooden skeletal structure and about 20 layers of brown paper which was made waterproof by applying “Ponstan” a commonly used waterproof glue. Then his ‘toys’ grew bigger and ‘bolder’ and led him to build his own sports car in 1961. He called it his “SS Special”. Mr Seow and SS Special made several appearances in the Grand Prix of the 1960s.

But it was the versatility and the advancement in FRP Composite that led him to setting up Dynamics Engineering in 1971 thereafter in 1985 incorporated Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic Pte Ltd.


JEC Composites: Stephen Seow - Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic Pte Ltd

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