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INTRODUCTION – DYNAGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC PTE LTD (Dynaglass) headquartered in Singapore  is a fast growing company with strong technological base in the area of engineered Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP). Since our inception in 1971, our company quickly became the leader in the development and manufacture of high performance advanced composite products in Singapore and the regions around. Backed by this expertise in technology and high standard of quality, we have built a clientele that associates Dynaglass with high performance advanced composite products.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) – With 45 years in the composite industry, Dynaglass has filed several patents and registered brand names covering countries outside Singapore.   Such countries include East and West Malaysia, India, Brazil, Thailand, China, USA and Europe.  At Dynaglass we understand and have high respect for Intellectual Property (IP).  Dynaglass has an IP Management System which capitalizes the value of our Intellectual assets.  Dynaglass has full understanding on how IP and brand name supports and sustains today’s businesses both locally and globally.  With this in place, Dynaglass is reputed for conducting our  business with good integrity and practices.  As such we also manufacture specialist products under customers’ brand name and their processes.  We have exclusive long term arrangements in place for several global business ‘partners’.

FUTURE –As Dynaglass continues to thrive, we are exposed to the many high technology manufacturing processes and exotic materials readily available in the advance composite industry of today. The humble glass fiber material commonly termed as ‘fiberglass’ has evolved into the more sophisticated composite materials  where fire resistance, heat and conductive properties have become significant in its finished product.

One could say that Dynaglass has been groomed into the industry .  Afterall we have come a long way from the ‘Stone Age’, ‘Iron Age’, ‘Aluminium Age’ and now with development of advance composites in automotive, aerospace and aviation. Today, advance composite materials such as carbon fibers, hybrid fibers, ceramic fibres, matrix fibres such as Kevlar®, marks the dawning of the ‘Composite Age’.

PARTNER – Our future lies in “putting it in a nut shell’, integrating the Company’s widely diverse expertise to manufacture products that will solve ‘problems’ for our business ‘partners’.  Due to the limitless possibilities in composites,  ideas are only limited by the lack of innovation and creativity.  At Dynaglass we have a strong applied R & D Team trained to think ‘out of the box’.

Dynaglass…………. Your business ‘partner’ at advanced composite innovations.





At Dynaglass, the customer comes first. Our business depends on our ability to communicate effectively with the Customer to fully meet their needs. Dynaglass’ capabilities, access to numerous third party research centres and in-house support / testing provides an approach of total solution to our customers at just one stop. This includes design and layout optimization, prototyping, manufacturing and testing.


At Dynaglass we respect our customer’s Intellectual Property and Patents. Copyrights are our customer’s assets and are held in the highest confidence. The confidentiality of Non-disclosure agreements are strictly maintained through all levels of management at Dynaglass.


Our team oriented organization has a flat hierarchy that makes Dynaglass a highly responsive company, able to adapt to meet our customer’s needs accordingly. Each member of our dynamic company is able to draw on the support and experience of his team, and effectively manage each scope of work, ensuring swift reaction time, prompt deliveries and firm decisions.


Dynaglass is a people oriented organisation. Our employees have an average of 10 years of experience. At Dynaglass, we upgrade ourselves on a regular basis. ISO 9001: 2000 was achieved in four (4) months with zero resignations. Training and skills upgrading is a continuous process. When Dynaglass grows, our employees continue to thrive and grow together. No one is left out.


Delivering top quality, high performance and innovative custom moulded fiber reinforced plastic engineering products and services to customers both in Singapore and regions around.

To be Singapore’s leading fiber reinforced plastic company with unchallenged knowledge and expertise in advance composite engineering.


Dynaglass is certified by the following international standards:


TYPOGRAPHY: The font chosen represents strength and dynamism. Synonymous with Dynaglass products, the company understands the need to move with the times

BORDER: The elliptical border represents the versatility of products. The ability to adapt materials and products to suit the environment for an array of uses. Dynaglass specializes in high quality custom-moulded and it’s own branded products using the world’s most versatile material, fibre reinforced plastic products and the range of advance composite materials now readily available.

RED: The color is chosen as it represents vibrancy and life which describes Dynaglass for its lively innovations in various lines of products. There is virtually no limit to what Dynaglass is able to do in this field of engineering plastics.
Red being the national colour of Singapore, signifies the origin of our Company’s product – Proudly made in Singapore. As our country strives to be top in the world-class area, Dynaglass too follows in her footsteps and contributes by manufacturing creative, value-added and extremely innovative products of the future.



Own Brand Manufacture

OBM Division designs and manufactures proprietary equipment and services under the ‘Dynaglass’ brand name.

Projects and Services are patent-protected under the Intellect Property Act.

Such products will have its own distribution channels with global network strategically established.

One of such service is the CIMS which is the certified Installers Mark Scheme for patent-protected products.

Specialist modifications and repairs are also patent-protected.

Collaboration services such as engineering calculations from conceptualization, design up to production drawings for third party construction can be effectively obtained from the OBM Division.

At Dynaglass we understand and respect Intellect Property (IP). Dynaglass has IP Management which maximises the value of our Intellect Assets. We understand how IP supports and sustains businesses both locally and globally.

Contract Manufacture

CM Division designs, manufacture and assemble equipment according to Owners’ specifications. We value add to improve Owners’ existing design and further develop Owners’ existing products.

Generally such products are high mixed and low volume.

No Minimum Product Quantity is required. Depending on an economical product value, one offs can also be considered.

Why Choose Fiber Reinforced Plastics – The Benefits


Year 1985

Incorporation of Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic Pte Ltd

Year 2007

Implemented SAP Business One IT Integration

Year 2008

Successfully completed SMART Initiative by Spring Successfully completed & implemented Risk Management System in the workplace organized by EDC @ Sma (level 3)

Year 2010

Successfully completed the Exporter Development Programme by International Enterprise Singapore Participation in A*STAR Technology Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-UP) Awarded JEC As

Year 2011

Achieved ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Awarded as the proud recipient of 2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR by GRC Press Holdings Awarded Singapore Chinese Entrepreneur

Year 2012

Achieved ISO 18001:2004 Occupational Health and Safety

Year 2013

Established sister production factory in Iskandar Malaysia

Year 2014

Wins Top Prize in JEC Student Award 2014 From a total of 729 participants in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic The team investigated the recycling of waste components from the offshore oil and gas industry, and converting them into value-added products such as building materials and building composites for better environmental sustainability Read More 


Best Entrepreneur award

Year 2017

Appointed as Asia-pacific Manufacturer for DOW Chemical

Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, And Environment Policies (QOHSE Policy)

1) To supply services to the total satisfaction of the customers without compromising Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health & Safety of employees and sub-contractors


2) To comply with all local Environment and Occupational health & Safety legislation


3) To continually explore ways to improve the operations to reduce any known environment and safety risks