A truly great help for mommy when baby needs a quick change.

Space-Saving – Fold-Away feature when not in use, requires No Floor Space.

Safe For Baby – Safety Strap for security.

Hygienic – Contoured for Easy Cleaning.

Attractive – Permanent colours, Superb finish.

Durable – made from High Quality Fiberglass material, Impact and Chemical/Detergent Resistant.


Mommys helper diaper change station

Dynaglass “Mommy Helper” – Diaper Change Station.

This product was introduced into the market in 1993. Gradually the awareness and needs for such a product grew and over the years enquiries for Mommy’s Helper increased. In 1995 Changi International Airport specified “Mommy’s Helper” in their upgrading programme. To day, “Mommy’s Helper” has become a necessity and can be found at these establishments, eg. Changi Airport, Singapore Zoological Gardens, The New KK Women & Children’s Hospital, Marinas, Clubs, Churches, Shopping Centre’s and other public places.