Product Branding

Own Brand Manufacture

OBM Division designs and manufactures proprietary equipment and services under the ‘Dynaglass’ brand name.

Projects and Services are patent-protected under the Intellect Property Act.

Such products will have its own distribution channels with global network strategically established.

One of such service is the CIMS which is the certified Installers Mark Scheme for patent-protected products.

Specialist modifications and repairs are also patent-protected.

Collaboration services such as engineering calculations from conceptualization, design up to production drawings for third party construction can be effectively obtained from the OBM Division.

At Dynaglass we understand and respect Intellect Property (IP). Dynaglass has IP Management which maximises the value of our Intellect Assets. We understand how IP supports and sustains businesses both locally and globally.

Contract Manufacture

CM Division designs, manufacture and assemble equipment according to Owners’ specifications. We value add to improve Owners’ existing design and further develop Owners’ existing products.

Generally such products are high mixed and low volume.

No Minimum Product Quantity is required. Depending on an economical product value, one offs can also be considered.

Why Choose Fiber Reinforced Plastics – The Benefits

IP & Brandname Registration

TYPOGRAPHY: The font chosen represents strength and dynamism. Synonymous with Dynaglass products, the company understands the need to move with the times

BORDER: The elliptical border represents the versatility of products. The ability to adapt materials and products to suit the environment for an array of uses. Dynaglass specializes in high quality custom-moulded and it’s own branded products using the world’s most versatile material, fibre reinforced plastic products and the range of advance composite materials now readily available.

RED: The color is chosen as it represents vibrancy and life which describes Dynaglass for its lively innovations in various lines of products. There is virtually no limit to what Dynaglass is able to do in this field of engineering plastics.
Red being the national colour of Singapore, signifies the origin of our Company’s product – Proudly made in Singapore. As our country strives to be top in the world-class area, Dynaglass too follows in her footsteps and contributes by manufacturing creative, value-added and extremely innovative products of the future.